Mexico Reinforces Military Presence in Northern States

Mexico City, May 7 (Prensa Latina) The Mexican Army and police have occupied the northern states of Durango and Coahuila due to local authorities” weakness in fighting violence, Informador newspaper reported.

Several hundred soldiers and federal agents were deployed in Comarca Lagunera in an effort to “inhibit criminal activity and weaken the criminal organizations that operate in the region,” said an Interior Secretariat (Ministry) official quoted by Informador.

In that regard, the mayor of Torreon, Eduardo Olmos Castro, confirmed that 300 solders and a similar number of federal police will participate in operations of surveillance, prevention and combat.

The secretariats of the Interior, National Defense and Public Security said in a joint communiqué that the increase in troops is aimed at supporting those communities, due to the growing number of crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and homicide.

Informador reported that over the past few years, various regions of the country have been affected by an escalation of violence related to drug trafficking, so some 45,000 soldiers and thousands of federal police officers have been deployed in a number of cities to fight organized crime.

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