Venezuelans Demand Obama Release of Cuban Five

Caracas, May 5 (Prensa Latina) Political and social organizations of Venezuela sent the US President, Barack Obama, 7,000 postcards to demand the liberation of the five Cuban antiterrorists imprisoned in the US, known as the Cuban Five.

The cards were signed by deputies, young people, women, workers and other sectors of the society and deposited in the main headquarters of the Telegraphic Postal Institute in this capital, an act promoted by the Cuba-Venezuela Movement of Mutual Solidarity.

Through the postcards, the petitioners made the call to Obama to release Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino and René Gonzalez, condemned after denouncing the infiltrating terrorist groups operating with impunity against Cuba from Miami.

The action is part of the world campaign “A 5 for The Cuban Five” to which now 300 committees in 111 countries are joined, to denounce the injustice and request its end, Venezuelan activist Inés Luigi pointed out during the delivery.

Luigi said Washington is morally forced to finish more than 12 years of premeditated cruelty against people that protected their own people from violence.

“We demand the end of injustice with Antonio, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramon and Rene, as well as the ceasing of the blockade against Cuba and the extradition of terrorist Luis Posada Carrilles (responsible for the explosion of a Cuban airplane with 73 human beings on board in 1973) to Venezuela,” she said.

Cuban Ambassador to Caracas, Rogelio Polanco, described the sending of signed postcards to Obama as part of an effort to break the wall of silence surrounding the case of the Cuban Five since their arrest in 1998.

“We are facing an atrocious injustice by the US government, aided by misrepresentation and media manipulation, he stated.

Besides Polanco, the act was headed by the Venezuelan socialist deputies María León and Jesus Farías, and Gilberto Durán, vice president of the Telegraphic Postal Institute.

Zulia, Cojedes, Anzoátegui, Aragua and other states of the country hosted this Thursday other actions of solidarity with the Cuban Five.


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