Portuguese Politician Deplores Loss of National Sovereignty

Lisbon, May 5 (Prensa Latina) Portugal is losing its sovereignty due to the intervention of the International Monetary Fund, charged Luis Gomes, chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) of the Portuguese region of Algarve.

In an interview with Prensa Latina on Thursday, Gomez referred to a preliminary agreement reached this week between Deputy Prime Minister Jose Socrates and the IMF, the European Union and the European Central Bank for a 78 billion euro bailout fund.

“It is a shame that those institutions are coming here to demand the structural changes we must make, to a great extent because of the incompetence of the Portuguese political class,” Gomez said.

“Instead of ruling the destiny of our nation, as the leaders of our own future, we have had to resort to outside help and allow the imposition of reforms that will affect, as always, the poorest sectors,” he denounced.

After insisting that this is a serious problem of sovereignty, Gomez, who is also mayor of the southern city of Villa Real, said Portugal is now immersed in one of its worst crises of recent decades, with some of the highest poverty rates in the EU.

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