Brazil and Germany Strengthen Bilateral Strategic Alliance

Brasilia, May 5 (Prensa Latina)Presidents Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)and Christian Wulff (Germany) strengthened links in the areas of science and technology, education, trade and investments, infrastructure, environment and renewable energy.

“The joint declaration that we adopt creates an investigation program and a bilateral development fund, to develop innovative products of high technological content that satisfy the national and international markets,” Rousseff pointed out after the working meeting with Wulff.

She told the visitor of the need for the professional qualification of thousands of Brazilians entering the working market every year, and said that to achieve it, her government will offer 75,000 scholarships during her four years of presidential mandate.

President Rousseff said that Brazil has promoted the use of ethanol for more than 30 years, without negative effects in the production of foods, and instead -she underlined – it has generated thousands of jobs and allowed the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses in an extremely complex sphere such as that of fuels.

“The greater consumption of biofuels will give more energy security to our countries and stimulate their international introduction, especially in Europe and Latin America”, she pointed out and added that this will also allow fulfilling the environmental goals of Brazil and Germany.

After announcing new German investments in the fields of car industry, weighed civil construction and the chemical industry, Rousseff stated that she presented Wulff opportunities for German investors in infrastructure works for the World Soccer Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

On the international agenda, the Brazilian President said that Brasilia and Berlin coincide in the defense of a fairer, more democratic world order that respects human rights, as well as on the necessity of perfecting the financial organizations.

Rousseff made an invitation to German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Brazil, in order to reinforce the fraternal links between the two countries even more.

Wulff highlighted the German governmentâ�Ös desire to participate in the construction of the stadiums, ports, airports and other infrastructure works that Brazil will undertake for the development of the World Soccer World and the Olympic Games.


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