Costa Rican Authorities Confirm Meeting with Nicaragua

San Jose, May 3 (Prensa Latina) Deputy Minister of Security, Walter Navarro, and of the Presidency, Mauritius Boraschi, will represent Costa Rica on Friday in a meeting with Nicaragua on the border conflict between both nations, reported the Foreign Ministry.

The official statement said that the event, which is sponsored by Guatemala and Mexico, will focus on aspects of security and fighting drug trafficking along the common border, especially in the Caribbean area, which is disputed by these countries .

Costa Rica and Nicaragua have a territorial dispute since October 2010 over a small wetland located on the banks of the mouth of San Juan River in the Caribbean.

On March 8 the International Court of Justice granted an injunction because of a Costa Rican complaint against its neighbor on a suspected military invasion and environmental destruction in the area, which has been denied by Managua.

Some of the measures ordered by the Court are that both countries have to cooperate in the fight against drug trafficking in the border and refrain from sending personnel to the place of the dispute.

Guatemala and Mexico are involved as mediators in resolving the bilateral crisis.

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