Latin American integration has prevented the US from imposing subordinating policies

Caracas, 22 Mar. AVN .- The President of the Latin American and the Caribbean Economic System (SELA, Spanish abbreviation) Jose Rivera deemed that the integration policies implemented by the countries in the region have compelled the United States to make deals with them as equals and not from a subordinating point of view.

During a conference on the economic relations between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean in the first two years of President Barack Obama”s Administration, Rivera pointed out that “the new interest of Obama in Latin America lies in the growth of the region and the possibility that it could become a significant partner for his country.”

“The United States realizes that Latin America has an integration, cooperation project. New methods and concepts are being implemented within the ALBA [Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America] and the UNASUR [Union of South American Nations]. Said actions create the necessary framework, not for the subordination, but to give us space to have an egalitarian association and in parity with a strong and united region,” he highlighted.

Rivera said that the United States takes into account that Latin America and Caribbean countries are working to create a new kind of ties in which the priority is integration and cooperation to face countries with imperialist tendencies.

Rivera underscored that the relation between Latin America and the United States has been “disarticulated and without a clear idea, excepting advantages in favor of the US, but that relation is being reconsidered.”


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