UNASUR legal status is celebrated together with the people

Caracas, 11 Mar. AVN .- Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa expressed on Friday to be pleased for the signing in Quito of the incorporation papers of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which gives a legal status to the political bloc made by eleven states.

“Today, we celebrate the entry into force of UNASUR”s legal status and we are doing it as it should be, together with our people in an environment filled with joy,” Correa said after congratulating the Ecuadorean foreign ministry for organizing the event, which counts with the attendance of South American diplomats and representatives of social movements.

Correa said it is significant the fact that nine countries out of twelve UNASUR member states have ratified their adhesion to the body and he urged Brazil and Paraguay to expedite the steps to become official their membership in the bloc. In the case of Colombia, it is only expected the approval of the legislative branch.

“We have to go faster with our union,” Correa said. Only “with the strength of a continent which wakes up and maintains united we will achieve the fulfillment of our second and definitive independence,” he added.

He also recognized the political work carried out by UNASUR to defend the democracies in Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as its key role to restore the relationship between Venezuela and Colombia.

Finally, he called the presidents of the region to take into account that the union is a “principle which transcends ideologies. We share a conviction for democracy, freedom, equality and dignity.”


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