Wisconsin: Dialogue at a Standstill, Protests Continue

Washington, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) Dialogue between republicans and democrats has come to a standstill in the state of Wisconsin due to the anti-union bill, presented by Governor Scott Walker that has been causing protests and critics.

State senator, Tim Cullen, admitted that talks between the two parties failed, but the democrats are still open to dialogue.

Union protests continued this weekend in front of the seat of the Capitol in Madison, capital of this state.

The strikers are protesting the governorâ�Ös proposal of dramatically curbing collective bargaining for public employees in the state and forcing them to pay more for the pension and health insurance systems.

Walker defended his plan claiming it is the solution to decrease the enormous fiscal deficit of Wisconsin.

In the state of Indiana, 38 democrat congresspersons also traveled to the neighboring Illinois to protest the bill that directly attacks unions.

In other 10 regions, republican governors and congresspersons proposed initiatives to undermine the presence of unions especially in Michigan, bastion of the United Auto Workers, comprised by 390,000 workers of the car industry.

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