Nicaragua, Costa Rica Await Hague Ruling

Managua, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) Relations between Nicaragua and Costa Rica remained strained a day before the International Court of Justice in The Hague was expected to issue a verdict on the border dispute between the two countries.

The Court will announce Tuesday whether or not it accepts the preventive measures Costa Rica is requesting to stop the dredging of the San Juan River, which started in mid-2010.

The last section of the Nicaraguan river before it reaches the Caribbean Sea serves as a border between the two countryies, and has been at the center of a dispute that has deteriorated mutual relations.

Nicaragua began dredging the river to recover its original water level, and make it navigable the whole year.

Costa Rica opposes the dredging activities, and accuses Nicaragua of having occupied part of its territory militarily and damaging the environment on its side.

The Nicaraguan government has always refuted those accusations, and says that the territory claimed by Costa Rica belongs to Nicaragua.

It also asserts its right to have soldiers in that area not only because that territory belongs to the country, but also because it is fighting local drug trafficking operations.

One response to “Nicaragua, Costa Rica Await Hague Ruling

  1. What I do understand is that Costa Rica would prefer Nicaraguan remain marginlized, whereas Nicaraguans want prosperity (like anyone) and a Caribe-Pacific canal might provide such a reality.

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