NATO Extends Controls on Libya

Washington, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) extended Monday its controls over Libya with 24-hours AWACS reconnaissance aircraft.

* Pentagon Considers Intervening in Libya

* Obama Is Considering a Military Response on Libya Issue

The U.S. ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, said the military bloc decided to increase the AWACS surveillance to 24 hour to monitor air operations and surface movements on Libyan territory, which is for many advances of armed intervention.

NATO analyzes whether to impose an air exclusion zone at a time when the Cooperation Council of Gulf countries asked the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, according to a statement of the foreign ministers of the group.

The defense ministers of NATO will meet Thursday in Brussels, which is an opportunity that may increase the actions against Libya because the imposition of an exclusion zone area, according to its promoters, including the head Pentagon, Robert Gates, would require a military operation.

On the other hand, the situation around Libya seems to be complicated, because NATO also analyzes using military forces for humanitarian aid, which could mask the use of naval units of the Alliance in the Mediterranean sea and the use of military aircraft, political commentators said.

Another ingredient that heats up the air war is the option of arming those who promote the revolt against the government of Tripoli that is one among other options under consideration, the White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday.

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