U.S. Measures Maintain Blockade of Cuba

Havana, Jan 17 (Prensa Latina) Measures announced by the White House allowing some people from the United States to travel to Cuba are positive, but do not change the U.S. policy of hostility, Cuba said Monday.

“Although the measures are positive, they fall far short of those just demands; they have a very limited scope and do not change the policy on Cuba,” states a press release from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs published today.

The new regulations are the result of an effort by large U.S. sectors that have demanded the lifting of the blockade against Cuba and the end of the ban on U.S. travel to the island.

The measures are an expression of acknowledgment that U.S. policy on Cuba has failed, and that the United States is seeking new ways to achieve its historic objective of dominating the island’s people, the note says.

Only certain U.S. sectors will benefit, because the new rules do not restore the right of all its citizens to travel.

The people of the United States will continue to be the only ones worldwide who cannot freely visit Cuba, the press release says.

With the authorization of trips with academic, educational, cultural and religious purposes, that country restored some regulations from the 1990s, during the government of William Clinton, which were eliminated in 2003 by his successor George W. Bush.

Those measures confirm there is no willingness to change Washington’s anti-Cuban policy, the MINREX statement stated.

After announcing them, U.S. officials said the blockade would remain intact and they proposed using new measures to foster subversion and interference in Cuba’s internal affairs.

“If there is any real interest in expanding and facilitating contacts between our peoples, the United States should lift the blockade and eliminate the ban that makes Cuba the only country worldwide to which the U.S. people cannot travel,” the press release says.

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