President Chavez holds brief meeting with Hillary Clinton

Caracas, 02 Ene. AVN .- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and the US State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton held on Saturday a brief encounter in Brasilia, during the inauguration of Dilma Rousseff as the new President of Brazil.

Before his return to Venezuela, in statements to the Venezuelan state-run channel VTV, Chavez confirmed that he talked to Clinton about punctual aspects and labeled the chat as “informal, but pleasant.”

Chavez commented that while he talked to the Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates, the US State Secretary entered the room in which the inauguration ceremony was taking place.

“We greet each other. I think she was entering the room, she had a very spontaneous smile and I greeted her with the same effusiveness (…) It was a pleasant moment, we talked about two or three punctual aspects,” the Head of State detailed.

The Venezuelan President stated that Sebastian Piñera (Chile) and Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia) joined the chat.

“There are people interested in helping, Socrates, Santos and Lula, who made a great effort to help with the relation between Venezuela and the United States (…) I wish this can help to begin a new system of relations based on respect,” he commented.

Chavez: Giant Lula

Before his return to Venezuela, Chavez pointed out that he talked with the ex President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the meeting was “very warm, full of South American and Brazilian passion.”

“Lula is a great partner, I had a great feeling when I gave him a hug and seeing him that he was leaving from the presidency. He stared at me and said mission accomplished, and I told him: Big Lula, big,” Chavez said.

“Lula stood up Brazil and made it run on its own feet. Now Dilma comes to give it her touches, her female strength, her love, her South American passion. We have to support Dilma and we will always be with Brazil,” he added.

Likewise, the Venezuelan Head of State commented that during Rousseff”s inauguration acts, he talked to the presidents of Suriname, Syria and Libya.

Mujica to visit Venezuela

President Chavez informed that his Uruguayan counterpart Felipe Mujica will visit Venezuela by the end of January.

“I met with Pepe Mujica. He told me that he wanted to visited us, because I had a travel to Uruguay scheduled in December for the three-monthly meetings but I could not attend. He told me that he wanted to visit Venezuela, so we scheduled the visit for the end of January,” Chavez confirmed.


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