Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011!

Caracas, 02 Ene. AVN .- Every New Year comes with its peculiarities: 2010 brought us challenges and difficulties. We only need to remember that we have had to deal with a lengthy drought period which caused a severe power crisis and, as if it were not enough, with the disastrous material and humane consequences of the intense rains occurred at the end of the year.

We have to say it: We accepted the challenges and the difficulties, as Gramsci would say: being optimist because of will, with the firm and strong determination demanded by the circumstances; we, the State institutions and the government as a whole, had the conviction that we also could count on the people’s firm will as it has been evidenced so far.

In view of the Venezuelan people’s unrestricted determination and commitment, one cannot feel anything else but proud. These adversities have warned us that a revolution can be consolidated as a solution for a historical need, only if the people identify themselves with it and make it part of their lives. I will never get tired of stressing it: We are Bolivar’s sons and daughters and therefore we are the people of difficulties. Let all difficulties come to us: We all will know how to overcome them.

How enlightening is the example which Venezuela is setting in terms of people’s participation and prominence. Based on this example, we consider that the Revolution becomes a daily questioning exercise when it is assumed as a transforming will and as a process willing to transcend in its time: Every day becomes an everlasting present, a proposal driven by a project which turns into good prospects, a lasting creation of the whole people.

While I am writing these Lines, I look back over the elapsed time and see how much we have achieved, but I especially think about how much must still be done. Keeping up the pace of time and speeding it up as we possibly can, we will not give up until we achieve what we have conceived of in the collective dreams. It is vital that the measure and the horizon of our process are clear: To embody the hope of the people and fulfill it.

We say it with modesty and aware of our responsibility: There is not any other path but the one that leads us to finally achieve, as Bolívar said, the supreme social happiness.

Given the current circumstances in the country, we have accepted to become the heirs who carry on the lasting struggle of the centuries. Therefore, the historic time is a challenge for us, but it is a challenge aimed at the unbending and liberating hope.


According to Augusto Mijares, we started our first republican liberation cycle in 2010. It is the historic torrent we have inherited and which deeply unites us with Our America; it is the light and strength of our memory as people: Our Bolivarian legacy.

And in 2011 we are commemorating the bicentenary of the Declaration of Independence at its best: 200 years since the birth of our Venezuela as a free, sovereign and independent Republic, as our own path and as a collective dream on that enlightening day of July 5th 1811. It is not therefore something irrelevant what we are going to commemorate and celebrate collectively.

For us, 1811 embodies an active historical memory and it is driven by its immediate veracity due to its capacity to commit us. Thus, in view of the reactionary thesis of Independence as frustration and failure, we propose the combative, creative and liberating thesis of Independence as a promise and an open and unfinished project: Independence has not been fulfilled and there is history to be written and we are writing it.


During the last years of December, the media sewers have spread a catastrophic version of 2011. Let’s take the example of their harsh stance towards the unification of the exchange rates at BsF 4.30 per dollar starting on January 1st , which was announced by Minister Jorge Giordani on December 30th: A measure which responds to a simplification of the foreign exchange control. And what do the unpatriotic ones say?:

That we are creating the conditions to implement a set of neoliberal policies. Of course all this has to do with the strategy to tell barefaced lies to generate confusion.

They keep talking about inflation, which closed 2010 at 26.9% by the way (much less than what the unpatriotic ones had estimated), but they avoid referring to the speculation they are responsible for. That is the way in which the monopolist capital leaded by FEDECAMARAS excessively inflates prices, despising economic rationality and mocking the people.

I want to warn them now: We are going to bring into line speculators and we will give no quarter. Similarly, following the same logic, they disregard the fact that the poverty rate finished 2010 under 7% and that it keeps reducing significantly: Extreme poverty dropped from 7.3% to 7.1%. These figures of a new national reality need no explanation.

The Enabling Law opens a path to a good living, the good living which we all deserve: let’s strengthen and deepen the revolutionary legality to revert definitely the structural asymmetries and the macro-social imbalances derived from the capitalist model.

By the way, last Sunday during the supportive visit of our friend Evo Morales in the region of La Guajira, State of Zulia, we endorsed the first Enabling Law in Fort Mara: This first decree-law establishes the creation of the Simón Bolívar Fund for the reconstruction of the devastated zones by the rains and it has more than $2 billion in its initial phase.


We will start 2011 at full gallop, like a greased lightning. The 2011 Bicentenary will be a year of battle and victory of the people. The pretensions of the counterrevolutionary forces are unjust: They will not deprive our people of their march towards socialism. We will not allow them to turn our country into chaos: I pray to God that no fellow countryman allow the war drums of the Right to persuade them.

2011 will be the year for the establishment of the great Patriotic Pole: We need a great light and action center, which can gather all the people’s forces beyond the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

One of the great scenarios for the 2011 battle will be of course the National Assembly. The historic responsibility of all our legislators is big: We need to defeat the corrupt “pitiyanqui ” politicians in the battlefield of the ideas and, at the same time, to eliminate all obstacles for the people to exercise their legislative power.


On January 1st, we have attended the inauguration ceremony of our partner and tireless fighter Dilma Roussef as President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Dilma embodies the continuity of the path opened by that South American giant named Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. We express our admiration and gratitude to him for his solidarity and strength; for his condition of a true friend of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Fellow countrymen who are reading these lines: I send you a warm hug and best wishes for you and your loved ones.

Let the new Bicentenary year 2011 be welcome!

We shall overcome!

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías / Saturday, January 1, 2011

Translated by MinCI


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